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Microsoft Research

E: ryenw@microsoft.com

T: +1 (425) 707-1051
A: Bg 99/Rm 3120
A: Microsoft Research
A: One Microsoft Way
A: Redmond, WA 98052
I am a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA.

My research interests lie at the intersection of information retrieval, data mining, and human-computer interaction. I study how people search for information in domains such as the Web and the enterprise, and develop tools to help people search more effectively, solve problems, and learn. My three current foci are search interaction, expertise modeling, and health seeking.
Microsoft Lync shipped our IM an Expert system. Download: Installer|Documentation.
Our book entitled "Exploratory Search: Beyond the Query-Response Paradigm" was published in 2009.  Order: Morgan & Claypool|Amazon|Barnes & Noble.

I received the 2014 Microsoft BCS/BCS IRSG Karen Spärck Jones Award for contributions to information retrieval.

I chair the steering committee for the new ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (CHIIR). CHIIR is a merger of the HCIR and IIiX events. The first CHIIR will be held in March 2016 in Chapel Hill, NC, USA.

I am on the editorial board for ACM Transactions on Information Systems, ACM Transactions on the Web, the Information Retrieval Journal, Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval, and Information Processing and Management.

I received the SIGIR 2013 Best Paper Award for Beliefs and Biases in Web Search.

We received the SIGIR 2010 Best Paper Award for our paper
Assessing the Scenic Route: Measuring the Value of Search Trails in Web Logs.

We received the SIGIR 2007 Best Paper Award for our paper
Studying the Use of Popular Destinations to Enhance Web Search Interaction.

I received the British Computer Society's Distinguished Dissertation Award for the best Computer Science PhD dissertation in the United Kingdom for 2005.

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