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Homepage of Thomas Moscibroda

Thomas Moscibroda

Principal Researcher & Research Manager
Cloud & Mobile Research Group
Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft Corporation

Chair Professor
Network Science
Institute of Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS), Tsinghua University

BJW-2/12255, No. 5, Dan Ling Street
Haidian District, Beijing
China, 100080

phone (+86-10) 5917-2345 (ext. X72345)

Thomas Moscibroda

Thomas Moscibroda is a Principal Researcher and founding manager of the Cloud & Mobile (C&M) Research Group at Microsoft Research Asia. He is also the Chair Professor for Network Science at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) at Tsinghua University. Before moving to China in 2011, Thomas was a member of the Systems Research group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, and he was also an affiliate member of the Networking Reserach and Computer Architecture Research groups, respectively.

Thomas' research interests are in cloud computing, distributed systems, mobile and distributed computing, and networking, with ongoing projects in each of these areas. He has a particular focus on algorithmic and mathematical approaches to practical system design. He obtained his PhD in 2006 from ETH Zurich, and was awarded the ETH Medal for his doctoral thesis. His research is documented in more than 60 research papers, and he has received Best Paper Awards at several top-tier conferences, including IPSN 2007, SIGCOMM 2009, NSDI 2009, ASPLOS 2010, EuroSys 2012, PODC 2004 and 2012, as well as DISC 2015. His articles on DRAM scheduling and on-chip networking in multi-core systems were selected as IEEE Micro Top-Pick Computer Architecture papers in 2008 and 2010, respectively. He is also the recipient of the MICS Research on Communications Award by the National Research Foundation of Switzerland (NCCR) for his contributions to the area of Mobile Communications & Information Systems.

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We are hiring! We are right now looking for exceptional full-time researchers and research interns. If you are interested in working with me and our team on cutting-edge research, please send me an email. We are particularly looking for candidates in Cloud Computing, Networking, and Mobile Computing, including people interested in handling Big Data, Databases, Algorithms and Optimization. We also have projects related to Blockchain technology. In other words, we are interested in candidates with expertise across a wide range of fields, ideally with strong first-hand system skills in real large-scale systems and networks. We are looking for freshly graduated campus hires as well as experienced people from industry; we are interested in hiring Chinese as well as non-Chinese; and we most definitely encourage female candidates. MSRA is a great place to work at in so many ways; so do not hesitate and send me your application!


Recent Professional Activities


Interns and Students

I have had the pleasure of working with the following outstanding interns and students:

Interns at Microsoft:

  • Yvonne Anne Pignolet, ETH Zurich, Summer 2005    (now at IBM Research)
  • Yuan Yuan, University of Maryland, Winter 2006/07    (now at Google)
  • Ramya Raghavendra, UC Santa Barbara, Summer 2007    (now at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
  • Reetuparna Das, Penn State University, Summer 2008    (now at Intel Labs)
  • Debmalya Panigrahi, MIT, Summer 2008    (now Assistant Professor at Duke)
  • Rohan Murty, Harvard, Summers 2008 and 2009   (now at InfoSys)
  • Dave Levin, University of Maryland, Summers 2008 and 2009    (now at University of Maryland)
  • George Nychis, CMU, Summer 2009    (now at Adaptrum)
  • Hariharan Rahul, MIT, Summer 2009
  • Xiaohui (Eeyore) Wang, CMU, Summer 2009 (now at Pure Storage)
  • Ki-Woong Park, Korea Advanced Institute Science and Technology (KAIST), Fall 2009
  • Alexander Jaffe, University of Washington, Summer 2010
  • Rotem Oshman, MIT, Summer 2010 (now at Tel Aviv University)
  • Zengbin Zhang, UC Santa Barbara, Summer 2011 (now at Google)
  • Xiaomeng Chen, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Fall 2011 (now PhD student at Purdue)
  • Xiangyao Yu, Tsinghua University, Winter 2011    (now PhD student at MIT)
  • Ruizhongtai (Charles) Qi, Tsinghua University, Winter 2012    (now PhD student at Stanford)
  • Jinglei Ren, Tsinghua University, Winter 2012 (now at Microsoft Research)
  • Jiaqi Mu, Tsinghua University, Summer 2013 (now PhD student at UIUC)
  • Matthew Staib, Stanford, Summer 2014
  • Mingyang Zhang, University of Science and Technology of China, Summer 2014    (now PhD student at USC)
  • Haoran Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Summer 2014
  • Tianlin Shi, Tsinghua University, Summer 2014    (now PhD student at Stanford)
  • Hezheng Yin, Tsinghua University, Winter 2014    (now PhD student at Berkeley)
  • Qizhen Zhang, Tsinghua University, Winter 2014

PhD students at Tsinghua:



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