Bay Algorithmic Game Theory Symposium
Meeting 2: Sept. 29, 2006, 10am-5:30pm, Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center, UC Berkeley.

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10:00-10:30 Arrivals, Registration, Coffee, and Breakfast
10:30-11:00 Talk: Matt Jackson "Diffusion of Behavior and Eq. Props. in Network Games"
11:00-11:30 Talk: Liad Blumrosen "Implementation with a Restricted Action Space"
11:30-12:15 Coffee Break
12:15-12:45 Open Problems Session
12:45-1:15 Talk: Christos Papadimitriou "Nash Complexity: What now?"
1:15-3:00 Lunch (provided)
3:00-3:30 Talk: Amin Saberi "Computing Market Equilibria"
3:30-4:00 Open Problems Session
4:00-4:30 Coffee Break
4:30-5:00 Talk: Michael Schwarz "Intelligent Agents and Equilibrium Bidding in GSP Auctions"
5:00-5:30 Talk: Bobby Kleinberg "Approximately Optimal Multi-Product Pricing, with and without Lotteries"
6:00-8:00 Dinner at local restaurants (not provided).


Liad Blumrosen, "Implementation with a Restricted Action Space": Matt Jackson, "Diffusion of Behavior and Equilibrium Properties in Network Games": Bobby Kleinberg, "Approximately Optimal Multi-Product Pricing, with and without Lotteries": Christos Papadimitriou, "Nash Complexity: What now?": Amin Saberi, "Computing Market Equilibria": Michael Schwarz, "Intelligent Agents and Equilibrium Bidding in GSP Auctions":


Moshe BabaioffUC Berkeley
Jason HartlineMicrosoft Research
Robert KleinbergUC Berkeley
Tim RoughgardenStanford U.
Ilya SegalStanford U.
Local arrangements are being made by Moshe Babaioff, Neha Dave, and Bobby Kleinberg.