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UninterpretedSort Class Reference

Uninterpreted Sorts More...

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Sort
override bool Equals (object o)
 Equality operator for objects of type Sort.
override int GetHashCode ()
 Hash code generation for Sorts
override string ToString ()
 A string representation of the sort.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Sort
static bool operator== (Sort a, Sort b)
 Comparison operator.
static bool operator!= (Sort a, Sort b)
 Comparison operator.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Sort
 Sort (Context ctx)
 Sort constructor
- Properties inherited from Sort
new uint Id [get]
 Returns a unique identifier for the sort.
Z3_sort_kind SortKind [get]
 The kind of the sort.
Symbol Name [get]
 The name of the sort

Detailed Description

Uninterpreted Sorts

Definition at line 360 of file Sort.cs.