Software (Version 1.0): Building VirtualWiFi from Sources

Building VirtualWiFi from Sources

The following are required on the machine used for building VirtualWiFi:
  • A Windows DDK installation, with an XP build environment.
  • A Windows Platform SDK installation.
  • Define an environment variable called SDK_INCLUDE_PATH, which should point to the include path of the SDK installation. So, if on my machine SDK was installed in C:\Program Files\Win-SDK, then SDK_INCLUDE_PATH would be defined as C:\Progra~1\Win-SDK\include.
  • At this point, copy the VirtualWiFi sources. Unzip the contents to a directory, and go to that directory in the Windows XP Checked or Free build environment in DDK.
    Run build -ceZ, and this should compile the entire VirtualWiFi tree. Copy the following files required for installing VirtualWiFi to one directory:
  • driver\vwifip.inf
  • driver\vwifi_mp.inf
  • driver\objchk\i386\vwifi.sys
  • notifyob\objchk\i386\vwifi.dll
  • install\objchk\i386\VirtualWiFi.exe
  • VirtualWiFihelper\objchk\i386\VirtualWiFihelper.exe
  • Service\objchk\i386\VirtualWiFiSvc.exe
  • WirelessUtils\objchk\i386\WirelessUtils.exe
  • We have provided a file called "copyobjchkfiles.bat" that will copy all the sys, dll and exe files into a directory called "installfiles".

    The VirtualWiFi Source Tree Structure

    The VirtualWiFi source tree comprises the following directories:
  • driver: kernel functionality of VirtualWiFi
  • notifyob: notify object for maintaining the bindings of the VirtualWiFi driver
  • VirtualWiFihelper: utility required for checking the correct operation of VirtualWiFi
  • service: user-level VirtualWiFi service
  • install: command-line options for installing and using VirtualWiFi
  • inc: the include directory
  • WirelessUtils: command-line utility to connect your wireless card to a Wi-Fi network
  • RegDelete: utility to remove all VirtualWiFi registry entries (see README.txt for keys that are deleted)

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