Software (Version 1.0)
(VirtualWiFi is an old project, and we started working on it in 2002. We are not actively working on this project since 2006, and will not be supporting this software at Microsoft Research. Thanks for your interest. However, the software and code will still be available for you to play around with. Also, check out the supported VirtualWiFi OIDs in Windows 7.)

Software Download and Contents

Download VirtualWiFi. This bundle contains:

·  VirtualWiFi Binaries: Contains the files required for installing VirtualWiFi. If you will not modify the VirtualWiFi software, these files are sufficient.

·  VirtualWiFi Source Code: Contains all the VirtualWiFi source files. If you are interested in developing software that require VirtualWiFi functionality, you should modify the source code.

The VirtualWiFi software is described in the following sections:

·  Installing and Uninstalling VirtualWiFi

·  Connecting to Multiple Networks Using VirtualWiFi

·  Our Experience with Different Wireless Cards

·  Building VirtualWiFi from Sources

·  Frequently Asked Questions

VirtualWiFi software is also available as part of the Academic Resource Toolkit. In addition to VirtualWiFi, this toolkit has the Mesh Connectivity Layer (MCL) software. MCL was developed as part of the Mesh Networking Project in the Networking Group at Microsoft Research.

Limitations of the VirtualWiFi Software Version 1.0

The current version of VirtualWiFi does not implement some features. Please keep checking this page for updates. The features not implemented in this release of VirtualWiFi are:

·  Buffering at remote nodes: We have prototyped this feature and presented the results. However, it is not implemented in this release.

·  WPA and 802.1X: The current version of VirtualWiFi does not support networks using WPA or 802.1X. Limited version of WEP is supported. Please contact Ranveer Chandra if you plan to use VirtualWiFi over a WEP-based network.

·  Multiple cards: The kernel implementation of VirtualWiFi supports multiple cards. However, we have not incorporated this support in the user level code of this release.

·  English version of XP: Some parts of the software will have to be done manually for non-English versions of the OS.

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