VirtualWiFi in the Press

VirtualWiFi received some press coverage in late October, 2005. Some of the articles are linked below:
  • Slashdot: "This shows that even Microsoft can pull some really neat things out of its R&D division."

  • Engadget: "Just to remind all the haters that Google Labs isn’t the only research game in town, Microsoft Research has just busted out VirtualWiFi."

  • eWEEK: "We're still studying the implications of this."

  • TECHWORLD: "Virtual WiFi doubles your adapter."

  • FierceWiFi
  • : "VirtualWiFi connects one device to multiple networks."

  • PCQuest
  • : "VirtualWiFi lets users of Win XP connect simultaneously to several wireless networks."

  • The Royal Gazette, Bermuda
  • : "Do you like to be on the cutting edge of software? Microsoft has released version 1.0 of its experimental VirtualWiFi software."

  • "Having multiple wireless connections through a single card could make for some very positive results for home and small business users."

  • NETWORKWORLD: "VirtualWiFi is a virtualization architecture for wireless LAN cards."

  • Wi-Fi Planet: "It abstracts a single WLAN card to appear as multiple virtual WLAN cards to the user."

  • MS News "Virtual WiFi the way of the future!!"

  • ExtremeMesh: "Microsoft Tests 'Virtual Wi-Fi' Software."

  • SecGuru: "VirtualWiFi - Virtualization Architecture for WLAN"

  • BetaNews: "Engineers at Microsoft Research have released a new software tool that enables a computer to connect to multiple Wi-Fi networks simultaneously."

  • AnandTech: "Well finally, this idea might be worth it"

  • Yahoo News (French): "VirtualWiFi : plusieurs réseaux sans fil, une seule carte."

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