Pex - Automated Whitebox Testing for .NET : How To Report a Pex Bug

How To Report a Pex Bug

Please open a new thread  in our forums or send an email to  with one or more for the following information.

  • A stacktrace
    • Look around in the output windows in Visual Studio. If you can find a stacktrace after you encountered this error, please send it to us.
  • Information on how to reproduce the error
    • The code snippet (up to ten lines of code) of the test case that causes this error, and
    • Tell us where you got the libraries from that your project references.
  • A Pex Report
    • If you can reproduce the bug, and the Pex team cannot diagnose the problem with the above information, you can create a Pex Report for us.
    • In Visual Studio, go to Tools – Options, select Pex – General on the left.
      • Set the option “Reports” to “true”.
    • Select Pex – Diagnostics on the left.
      • Set “Diagnostics” to “true”.
    • Press “OK”.
    • Close Visual Studio, start Visual Studio again. Load your project.
    • Run Pex.
    • When Pex is done, a report should have been created.
      • In the Pex Exploration Results window, select Views – Open Report.
      • Look at the address of the opened report.
      • Verify that the report does not contain confidential information.
      • Create a zip file holding that entire directory.
    • Send the zipped report to us.
  • You probably want to turn off Reports and Diagnostics afterwards when you keep using Pex, as these two features make Pex considerably slower.

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