Pex - Automated Whitebox Testing for .NET : Visual Studio Exploration Progress

Visual Studio Exploration Progress

The exploration progress bar provides the following information:
  • the number of passing and failing tests, resp. green/check and red/cross,
  • a coverage progress bar,
  • the block coverage, the assertion coverage and other metrics
  • the progress bar displays the ratio of basic blocks covered vs. the number of basic blocks in all those methods which Pex has executed in this exploration. It turns red if any failing test is generated.
  • the default assertion coverage metric detects the presence of assertion methods, e.g. Debug.Assert, Contract.Assert, and whether those assertions have been covered.
  • when Pex is done exploring the test, it creates a code coverage report. The report can be opened as soon as the progress text becomes a link.

Learn more about dynamic coverage and how to configure it.
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