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Pex Wizard

  • If you did not download Pex yet, Download Pex  to get the Pex Wizard.
  • The Pex Wizard is your "one-push button" solution to get started with Pex:

    pexwizard.exe <your assembly name>

The wizard does the following steps:

  • it generates Parameterized Test Stubs for all methods of the visible API,
  • compiles the generated project (containing parameterized tests), and
  • tells you how to launch Pex on the compiled assembly.

After the Wizard is done, you can launch Pex with a command-line similar to the following:
    pex.exe <generated parameterized test stubs.dll> [more options]
Pex will generate parameterless test cases from the parameterized test stubs.

At that point, Pex will generate inputs that may find violations of assertions in the code-under-test, or issues like a NullReferenceException.
We strongly recommend that you start to tweak the Parameterized Test Stubs which the Wizard generated, calling more functions, and adding test assertions.

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