Pex - Automated Whitebox Testing for .NET : Microsoft.ExtendedReflection.Utilities
Since all standard assemblies like mscorlib and System may be instrumented, interesting situations arise when the monitoring callbacks perform rather simple operations which in turn lead to calls into mscorlib or System.
Fortunately, Microsoft.ExtendedReflection provides a shield which deals with such re-entrance problems.

Still, this shield comes with a performance overhead.

The utilities of Microsoft.ExtendedReflection provide alternatives to methods of the standard libraries (just as the extended metadata is an alternative to the standard reflection library).

In particular:
  • Utilities.Safe.Collections contains a set of collection types which are safe from instrumentation (and therefore faster). This set of types include many commonly desired collection types which cannot be found in the standard System.Collections.Generic namespace.
  • Utilities.Safe.Diagnostics provide alternatives to the Debug and Debugger class of the standard System.Diagnostics namespace.
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