Pex - Automated Whitebox Testing for .NET : Errors and Warnings
The Pex reports will display a variatey of logging events. These events have a level, a category and optinonaly a wiki page link.

Logging events are ranged from the following:

  • critical, an unexpected error occured in the Pex tool itself. This is most likely a problem in the tool itself and should be reported.

  • error, a expected event that denotes usually denotes an issue in the setup of Pex tests.

  • warning - you should probably look at it, an event that denotes an issue that would be worth taking a look at, e.g. uninstrumented calls, missing symbols.

  • message, a verbose message providing interresting information on the progress of the execution.

  • noisy, a very verbose message mostly used for diagnostics.
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