Pex - Automated Whitebox Testing for .NET : Debugging


Debugging with Pex can get a little tricky because Pex itself launches another process (where the profiler is attached).

Debugging from the command line

Pex provides command line arguments to break into the monitored process. Once the debug dialog shows up, simply click on Debug and attach it to your current Visual Studio instance.

The command line parameters are
  • /bos: breaks on start,
  • /boe: breaks on the first error
  • /boa: breaks on assert

Launching the monitored process through a debugger

Pex provides a command line argument to specify the driver of the monitored process, i.e. the application used to launch it. This is useful to launch the monitored process under windbg  for example:

    pex .... /driver=c:\debuggers\windbg.exe
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