Pex - Automated Whitebox Testing for .NET : Controlling the Test Output

Controlling the Test Output

When run inside of Visual Studio, Pex integrates the tests directly into the test project. When run using the command line, Pex drops the generated tests in the report folder.

Decision procedure

Pex uses the following informations to decide how and where to craft the generated tests: the test framework, the test language, the assembly root namespace , the output path and the test project.

Pex gets those values from different possible sources: an existing test project, the command line or the assembly settings. The most efficient way is specify the test project file. The following table describes which source can be used to provide pieces of information:

Name Default value Deduced from project Command Line Assembly setting
test framework test assembly references inspection no yes yes
test language C# yes no yes
assembly root namespace test assembly name yes no no
output path <report>\tests <test project path> no no

Generated files have the .g extension in the added to easily recognize them.

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