The City of Forks, WA

Powered by Microsoft Research's MapCruncher for Virtual Earth

Virtual Earth is adding and updating imagery as quickly as they can; it's a top priority for them. However, for the forseeable future, there will always be people who want high-quality aerial photography in areas that do not yet have coverage. Previously, there was no way for users to add their own photography. MapCruncher makes this possible for the first time.

Two members of our 4-person MapCruncher team (Jeremy and Jon) are pilots. We took Jeremy's Cessna Cardinal up over the town of Forks, WA on May 17 and snapped a few pictures from the air. Then, using MapCruncher, we registered the photos to Virtual Earth and emitted new tiles.

You don't have to own a plane for this to work. There are hundreds of aerial photography businesses that will charge you a few hundred dollars to take photos of anything you like. MapCruncher does the rest!

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