MapCruncher Demo Gallery

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Pacific Northwest Bicycling Guide

A fluid combination of bicycle maps from Pacific Northwest counties (King, Pierce, Skagit, Lewis, Clark, Kitsap) and cities (Redmond, Bellevue, Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Anacortes, Portland).


A mashup of King County, Washington's Bike Map and King County's bus trip planner.

National Park Maps

A selection of maps from various U.S. National Parks on the West coast.

Do-It-Yourself Aerial Photography

Do you live in an area without high-quality aerial photography? With MapCruncher, you can add high-quality imagery yourself!

Automatically-Stitched Aerial Photography

An unreleased research project, MapStitcher, combines Microsoft Research's image-stitching technology with MapCruncher. The result is a aerial photography system that requires much less manual registration effort than basic MapCruncher, and produces seamlessly-stitched image boundaries. Read about it in our ACM GIS paper.

Have-An-Expert-Do-It Aerial Photography

A company called ImagePatch offers high resolution orthographic aerial photography at low cost via their network of local pilots all over the world. They are also, now, a Microsoft Business Partner. Their demo gallery was generated with MapCruncher.

University Campus Maps

A selection of maps from university campuses.

Transit Systems

Brussels historical map

A demonstration of registering historical maps into global coordinates.

Oregon State Capitol

Zoom right through the roof (aerial photography) into the building floor plan.

Portland Community College Campuses

Disc Golf at Sedgley Woods

See the forest for the trees in Philadelphia.


You really can register anything on the surface of the Earth...


...including your lunch.