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  InkSeine for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition:

    Before you install InkSeine, make sure you have the following additional components on your system:

           1.  Apply the patch for Microsoft.Ink.dll under Windows XP. More Info.

           2.  Windows Desktop Search (WDS)- InkSeine will not work without it!
                  - Install the WDS Add-ins for additional file types (e.g. PDF, Internet
                         Explorer History, and MindManager) that you want to search for.
                  - Allow some time for WDS to index your content after the install.

           3.  Now follow the remaining installation steps.

    Please note: In our experience, under Windows XP, the Windows Desktop Search engine often takes 10-15 minutes to get started when you start a Tablet from a cold boot. If InkSeine displays the error message "Error in Query Engine" when you first try to do a desktop (a.k.a. "personal") search, WDS is probably still starting.

We maintain a list of Updates & Bug Fixes.

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