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InkSeine is a prototype ink application from Microsoft Research.
It is designed from the ground up to have a user interface uniquely tailored to pen input.

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The goal of the InkSeine project is to completely rethink the user interface for tablet computers. Some people have described InkSeine as "Windows Journal on steroids." But InkSeine goes well beyond Windows Journal, particularly in its features to search from ink and to easily drag hyperlinks for documents and web pages into your notes.

Many people ask us how InkSeine relates to Microsoft OneNote. InkSeine is complementary to OneNote. OneNote is a great tool with many useful features that you will not find in InkSeine. But InkSeine's user interface is like nothing you have ever used with your pen before. It takes inking on your Tablet PC to a new level.

Video: InkSeine from Microsoft Research - The Official Video
Note: Some features of InkSeine have changed since this video was produced.

Here's an example of the kind of rich note you can quickly throw together with InkSeine - with ink, clippings, links to documents and web pages, and queries persisted in-place. Together, the integration of all of this with a silky-smooth user interface for handling your pen and ink notes makes InkSeine a powerful and simple tool for thought.

Example InkSeine Note Example InkSeine note with queries, links, and clippings.

Also be sure to check out the GottaBeMobile InkShow for InkSeine, which steps you through the main features and how to use them. It can help you to decide if InkSeine will be useful to you. You can also see some of the ways that we use InkSeine over on the InkSeine blog.

Want more information?
  • Here are some features that make InkSeine unique.
  • Here's what's new in this release.

  • Please note that InkSeine is not a Microsoft product.

    InkSeine has been developed by a small team in Microsoft Research.
    Our goal is to innovate the Tablet PC, advance the field, and explore
    potential Microsoft product enhancements in this space. Although
    we strive to answer questions and patch reported bugs,
    InkSeine is not a fully staffed or supported product.

    Your feedback is extremely valuable to us to help improve InkSeine.
    Just email The InkSeine Team or discuss InkSeine in the
    GottaBeMobile forums, a great resource for all your Tablet PC needs.

    Click here for the Install instructions.

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