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This page provides you with videos that illustrate how InkSeine works, and other resources that you may find useful.

The InkSeine Tutorial:
    Online version | PDF version

These videos will give you a good overview of what you can do with InkSeine, and how to use it.
    We have made many improvements to InkSeine in preparation for our external release; for example, InkSeine now supports copying ink between InkSeine and OneNote, but wasn't at the time the GottaBeMobile InkShow was produced.

  • GottaBeMobile InkShow: InkSeine [31:11]
  • GottaBeMobile Shortcut: InkSeine from Microsoft Research [10:05]
  • Microsoft Research: How to get the most out of your Tablet PC with InkSeine
             [4:04] Embedded video from Soapbox | Download, .WMV format, 67mb

  • InkSeine blog ("The AlpineInker") posts of interest:

  • The Twelve Days of InkSeine series
  • InkSeine external release announcement
  • Inveterate Doodler contest

  • Custom InkSeine Pages:

  • It's possible to set up InkSeine with custom backgrounds. Sample pages are
           available in a Windows ZIP file download.

  • Press, Podcasts, and other Blog Posts about InkSeine:

  • GottaBeMobile blog articles about InkSeine

  • Podcasts discussing InkSeine:
  • GottaBeMobile podcast #45: The User Experience Show
  • GottaBeMobile podcast #43: Cruising around the Tabletscape
  • GottaBeMobile podcast #32: So What's in Your Tablet PC Toolbox?

  • Other coverage of InkSeine:
  • Technology Review Editor's Blog post about InkSeine
  • ZDNet Blog post about InkSeine
  • The Origami Project, post about InkSeine
  • Softpedia article on InkSeine

  • Papers (refereed conference proceedings) related to InkSeine:

  • Paper about the first prototype of InkSeine (PDF).
         Hinckley, K., Zhao, S., Sarin, R., Baudisch, P., Cutrell, E., Shilman, M., Tan, D.,
         InkSeine: In Situ Search for Active Note Taking, ACM CHI 2007 Conference on
         Human Factors in Computing Systems, p. 251-260.
             Accompanying video: Download (WMV) | YouTube

  • Paper about the Phlat personal search tool (PDF) that informed the search
       interface design in InkSeine.
         Cutrell, E., Robbins, D.C., Dumais, S.T. & Sarin, R. Fast, flexible filtering with
         Phlat - Personal search and organization made easy
    . (2006) Proceedings of
         CHI'06 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems pp. 261-270.
         Phlat is available for download.

  • Paper about the CueTIP handwriting recognition interface (PDF)
       Note: CueTIP is no longer used in InkSeine, but is still a great piece of research.
         Shilman, S., Tan, D., Simard, P.,CueTIP: A mixed-Initiative Interface for
         Correcting Handwriting Errors
    , (2006) 19th ACM Symposium on User Interface
         Software and Technology, pp. 323-332. See also the video of CueTip.

  • Other Goodies for InkSeine:

  • PowerPoint slides about InkSeine:
         Available for Office 2007 .PPTX format or the classic .PPT format.

  • Click here for the Install instructions.

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