This page contains demo videos from some of the systems and applications implemented using HomeOS by undergraduate and graduate students from various universities.

  1. HomeMaestro: A platform for intuitively defining home appliance behavior
    Shaun Salzberg (MIT)

    This system helps end users program their home as they carry out about taking actions. See here for a more detailed report.

  2. collection of demos from CSE 481m (Spring '11, University of Washington)
    Who's at my door? (Trevor Head)
    In-home localization (Andrew Dwersteg, Tobin Gonzalez, Trent Walkiewicz, Jason Won)
    Intuihome: Enabling intuitive control of devices via gestures with 2D and 3D cameras (Jehad Affoneh, Sterling Swigart, David Nufer)
    Networked alarm (Michael Yamamoto, Kevin Widaja, Mariko Hope)
    Spooky action at a distance (Knut-Sigurd Knuteson)

  3. mobile energy monitoring and control
    Omar Ardaknian and Ryan Case (University of Waterloo)

    This system monitors the real-time energy consumption of the home and alerts users when the consumption increases unexpectedly based on historical behavior.

  4. remote security: real-time, mobile camera control
    David Lachut (University of Arkansas)

    This is a mobile surveillance system. It provides control of a mobile, steerable camera from your smartphone.

  5. centralized task scheduling in home network
    Srividya Doss K R and Pavithra SeshadriVijayakrishnan (University of Wisconsin)

    This system provides a centralized way to schedule tasks on all connected devices. The centralized scheduler can run tasks (e.g., sending reminder or running a program) seamlessly on any device connected to the home network by specifying the trigger (e.g., recognizing a resident's face). More details can be found in this report

  6. managing multimedia data in the home network
    Eric Kuo and Kevin Liu (University of Wisconsin)

    This system tackles the problem of managing fast-growing multimedia data (e.g., photos, videos) in the home by designing a content-based access control system for home networks. More details can be found in this report

  7. z-wave integration using vera2 gateway
    David Lachut (University of Arkansas)

    This system shows how to integrate the Z-Wave devices with HomeOS using the Vera2 gateway. This provides a different way for controlling Z-Wave devices than the USB-based controller.