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Prediction of Cytosolic Stability of HIV-Derived Peptides

The Stability Prediction tool takes a list of peptides as input (8-11 amino acids long peptides; HIV-derived peptides). The stability rate is calculated using non-linear regression (one-phase exponential decay) of the degradation profile over 30 minutes for an average of 3 to 5 degradation experiments in cytosolic extracts from human primary cells (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) of different donors. For each peptide, the predicts the probability that the stability rate of the peptide in cytosolic extracts from human PBMC will be above 0.1 (peptide half-life >10 seconds), >0.5 (half-life >30 seconds), or >2 (half-life >20 minutes) (using the scroll down menu).

Quick Help

  • Paste (CTRL-V) or try a sample.
  • Start with Compute Results button.
  • Choose half life threshold of interest.
  • Select all results (CTRL+A) and copy (CTRL+C).
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