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Created on 2/8/2010

Aladdin Home Networking: 10-year anniversary

Dependable home networks as an extension of the Web

Systems and Networking Research Group

Microsoft Research Redmond

o    Scenarios: You can send secure emails to close your garage door; you get an Instant Message when an earthquake causes a power outage at home.

o    Articles

§  "It was a fishy way for a scientist to start wiring houses onto Web", Seattle P-I, September 18, 2000

§  "There's no place like home", Microsoft Research, May 4, 2001

o    Publications

§  Yi-Min Wang, Wilf Russell, and Anish Arora, "A Toolkit for Building Dependable and Extensible Home Networking Applications," in Proc. 4th USENIX Windows Systems Symposium, August 2000.

§  Yi-Min Wang, Wilf Russell, Anish Arora, Jun Xu, and Rajesh K. Jagannathan, "Towards Dependable Home Networking: An Experience Report," in Proc. IEEE DSN/FTCS, June 2000.

§  Yi-Min Wang, Victor Bahl, and Wilf Russell, "The SIMBA User Alert Service Architecture for Dependable Alert Delivery," in Proc. IEEE DSN, July 2001.

§  Anish Arora, Rajesh K. Jagannathan and Yi-Min Wang, "Model-based Design of Dependability in Distributed Systems", in Workshop on Concurrency in Dependable Computing, Newcastle, England 2001.

§  Anish Arora, Rajesh K. Jagannathan and Yi-Min Wang, "Model-based Fault Detection in Powerline Networking", in Proc. International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), 2002.

o    Presentations

§  Conference presentation slides

§  MobiSys 2003 Panel Presentation Slide Deck

§  IEEE ISORC 2005 Panel Presentation Slide Deck

o    Patents

§  "Device Adapter for Automation System," U. S. Patent Number 6,535110, issued on March 18, 2003 (filed on August 17, 2000)

§  Automation system for controlling and monitoring devices and sensors,” U.S. Patent Number 6,961,763, issued on November 1, 2005 (filed on August 17, 2000)

§  Pattern-and model-based power line monitoring,” U.S. Patent Number 7,133,729, issued on November 7, 2006 (filed on August 17, 2000)

§  Weak leader election,” U.S. Patent Number 7,139,790, issued on November 21, 2006 (filed on August 17, 2000)

o    High-level system architecture