Theory Group: Past Members, Postdocs and Interns


The Theory Group was founded in 1997 by Jennifer T. Chayes and Christian Borgs.


Former permanent members


Former postdocs from 2007/8 and later

D. Panigrahi
Shaddin Dughmi
S. Dughmi
Shaddin Dughmi
A. Stauffer
Alexandre Stauffer
J. Miller
Jason Miller
A. Kolla
Alexandra Kolla
A. Sly
Allan Sly
N. Devanur
Nikhil Devanur
O. Gurel-Gurevich
Ori Gurel-Gurevich
A. Nachmias
Asaf Nachmias
R. Andersen
Reid Andersen
M. Bayati
Mohsen Bayati
S. Kale
Satyen Kale
S. Roch
Sebastien Roch
Y. Makarychev
Yury Makarychev
E. Lubetzky
Eyal Lubetzky
V. Mirrokni
Vahab Mirrokni
G. Pete
Gabor Pete
A. Flaxman
Abie Flaxman
A. Shapira
Asaf Shapira


Interns from 2008 and later

Long-term visitors from 2008 and later

Visitors, Postdocs and Interns in Previous Years

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