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Speech Technology

Demonstration of robustness to noise using a bone sensor microphone. Also, shown is a personalized language model (approx. 1min) (900Kbps WMV)

Japanese Office XP
(approx. 1min) (500Kbps WMA)

MIPAD demos
In 2000, (approx. 3min) 35MB MPEG
At CES 2001 in Las Vegas (approx. 4min) (300Kbps WMV)
In 2003, using SALT (approx 3min) (300Kbps WMV) (2Mbps WMA)

Speech enabled MapPoint (approx. 3min) (Video   150 Kbps WMV)
Hablando a MapPoint en espaƱol (2min): 25MB MPEG (220Kbps WMV, 750Kbps WMV)

Combined bone and air conductive microphone (approx. 1min) (320Kbps WMV)

Last updated: Apr 16, 2004

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