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Interactive Video Tours


We have developed a rapid method of capturing an indoor or outdoor space by using a portable multi-camera rig. We designed a viewer which gives a user the experience of interactively navigating through a photorealistic environment, with the ability to move forward or backward and look around in any direction. Additionally we can augment this experience by adding extra multimedia content such as spatialized audio, photographs and video textures. To this basic experience we added high dynamic range viewing to improve the ability to see details in dark or light regions and added the capability to choose between multiple paths of motion during navigation in the viewer. For further information check out the paper, talk, and accompanying video. (Right click on the video link and save it to your local disk if you are having trouble playing this link directly.)

  • M. Uyttendaele et al. Image-based interactive exploration of real-world environments. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 24(3), May/June 2004. (PDF)

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