Sites using HD View

xRez Gigapixel HD View Gallery
xRez has also been creating gigapixel panoramas.
Bernhard Vogl of Vienna, Austria has a great set of gigapixel imagery of places in Europe on his site.

A massive 13-gigapixel panorama created by stitching 2045 12-megapixel photographs.
A large collection of HD View and Deep Zoom panoramas created by Simon Oberli.

Traugott Emrich's Prague at Dawn Traugott Emrich's HD View panoramas
A collection of HD View images of the United States, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany.

Large Hadron Collider on MSNBC
HD View on MSNBC
HD View images of news events, the Large Hadron Collider, space images, and more.