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High Dynamic Range Imaging


When shooting digital images of many environments it is impossible to fully capture the real world dynamic range of intensities. Typical scene intensities can range over 5 orders of magnitude while the best digital sensors can only capture 3. There has been a great deal of recent effort in combining multiple exposures of a still scene to create a high dynamic range image of the scene. However until now no one has done this for moving scenes or for video. Through a clever combination of camera firmware and post-processing algorithms we have built a system that captures high-dynamic range video and displays it on a lower dynamic range monitor. For further information check out the paper and accompanying video.

  • S. B. Kang et al. High dynamic range video. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 22(3):319-325, July 2003. (PDF)

  • D. Lischinski, Z. Farbman, M. Uytendaelle, and R. Szeliski. Interactive local adjustment of tonal values. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 25(3), August 2006. (URL)

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