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Virtual Viewpoint Video


Video today is passive and two-dimensional. With DVD technology, users have some limited control over how video is shown. However, the viewing experience can be made much more compelling if the user has the option of changing the viewpoint at any time, providing a truly 3D experience. Our demo is a step in this direction; it allows the user to seamlessly change the viewpoint while the video is playing. The user can also freeze time while changing the viewpoint, a la "The Matrix". As a result, no two viewing experiences will be the same. The key technology in our research is automatic high-quality viewpoint interpolation using video from only relatively few high-resolution cameras. This is made possible through a new stereo algorithm that produces high quality scene depths at the captured viewpoints. Also central to the demo is a new representation for 3D dynamic scenes that can be rendered at interactive rates. Check out the breakdancing scene and ballet scene and the final video that we submitted to SIGGRAPH-04 as well as our paper.

  • C. L. Zitnick et al. High-quality video view interpolation using a layered representation. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 23(3):600-608, August 2004. (PDF)
You can also download some 3D video datasets that were generated as part of our research project.
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