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Homes contain an ever-increasing amount of technology. While visions of smart homes have long caught the attention of researchers and effort has been put toward enabling home automation these technology have not yet been widely adopted despite being available for over three decades. Our research in this area includes studying the current use of technology and automation in homes, building the HomeOS system to provide centralized holistic control of devices and applications used in the home, and developing PreHeat, a home-heating system to improve the efficiency of home heating and save money and energy.




PreHeat:Controllilng Home Heating with Occupancy Prediction

PreHeat: Controlling Home Heating With Occupancy Prediction

Home heating is a major factor in worldwide energy use. We have built a home-heating system PreHeat, that automatically runs your home theromstat based on a predictive model of when you will be home. PreHeat's goal is to reduce the amount of time a household's thermostat needs to be on without compromising the comfort of household members. PreHeat is a collaboration between the Sensors and Devices group (Cambridge), the VIBE-CUE group (Redmond) and the ASI group (Redmond). The core team comprises A.J. Brush, John Krumm, Brian Meyers and James Scott. Other contributors include Mike Hazas, Steve Hodges, Ashish Kapoor, Asta Roseway and Nic Villar.

Home OS

HomeOs and HomeStore

To simplify the management of technology in the home and to simplify the development of applications in the home, we are developing an operating system for the home. Our operating system, called HomeOS, provides a centralized, holistic control of devices in the home. It is backed by a HomeStore that simplifies for users the task of obtaining applications and devices that work well with existing technology in the home. HomeOs is a collaboration between the Networking Group and CUE group. The core team comprises Ratul Mahajan, Colin Dixon, A.J. Brush, Bongshin Lee. Other contributors include Sharad Agarwal, Stefan Saroiu and Victor Bahl.



"You're Capped!" Understanding the Effects of Bandwidth Caps on Broadband Use in the Home

Marshini Chetty, Richard Banks, A.J. Bernheim Brush, Jonathan Donner, and Rebecca Grinter

To appear in the proceedings of ACM CHI 2012, May 2012

An Operating System for the Home

Colin Dixon, Ratul Mahajan, Sharad Agarwal, A.J. Bernheim Brush, Bongshin Lee, Stefan Saroiu, Paramvir Bahl

To appear in the proceedings of NSDI 2012, April 2012

PreHeat: Controlling Home Heating Using Occupancy Prediction

James Scott, A.J. Bernheim Brush, John Krumm, Brian Meyers, Mike Hazas, Steve Hodges and Nicolas Villar

Proceedings of ACM Ubicomp 2011, Sept. 2011

Home Automation in the Wild:Challenges and Opportunities

A.J. Bernheim Brush, Bongshin Lee, Ratul Mahajan, Sharad Agarwal, Stefan Saroiu, Colin Dixon

Proceedings of ACM CHI 2011, May 2011

Speech@Home:An Exploratory Study

A.J. Brush, Kori Inkpen, Paul Johns, and Brian Meyers

Case Study at ACM CHI 2011, May 2011

Home Heating Using GPS-Based Arrival Prediction

James Scott, John Krumm, Brian Meyers, A.J.Bernheim Brush and Ashish Kapoor

Proceedings Pervasive 2010 Workshop on Energy Awareness and Conservation through Pervasive Applications, May 2010

The Home Needs an Operating System (and an App Store)

Colin Dixon, Ratul Mahajan, Sharad Agarwal, A.J.Bernheim Brush, Bongshin Lee, Stefan Saroiu, and Victor Bahl

Proceedings of HotNets IX

Itís Not Easy Being Green:Understanding Home Computer Power Management

Marshini Chetty, A.J. Bernheim Brush, Brian R. Meyers, and Paul Johns

Proceedings of ACM CHI 2009, April 2009

Family Accounts:A new paradigm for user accounts within the home environment

Serge Egelman, A.J. Brush, and Kori Inkpen

Proceedings of ACM CSCW 2008, November 2008

Yours, Mine and Ours? Sharing and Use of Technology in Domestic Environments

A.J. Brush and Kori Inkpen

Proceedings of Ubicomp 2007, September 2007


New from Microsoft Research: Controlling Home Heating Using Occupancy Prediction

Software Enabled Earth, The Official Blog of Microsoft's Environmental Sustainability Team, Oct. 31, 2011

TechFest: A thermostat that knows when you're home (Includes video demo of system)

Seattle Times, March 9, 2011


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