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Much information about you is latent in your social network: your friends have developed complex models of your history, opinions, personality, interests and expertise. This is exactly the information that interactive applications seek in order to perform tasks like personalization, expert matching, and friend finding. To draw out this latent information for interactive applications, we propose an approach that fuses human computation with online social networks.


Project Team

Collabio: Collecting Tags on Users

We have developed Collabio, a Facebook application that encourages users to guess tags that other friends have used to describe an individual. Points are awarded according to the number of other friends who have agreed with each tag -- get the most points by agreeing with others. Collabio also relies on social motivations such as reciprocity; users are notified when friends tag them and are encouraged to tag in reponse.

Click here to play Collabio on Facebook.

Collabio collected 17,000 tags on 1,150 individuals in its first three weeks on Facebook. Tags range from general descriptors, affiliations, adjectives, places of residence, interests and activities to inside jokes, names of close friends, nicknames, and memorable events.


Collabio: A Game for Annotating People within Social Networks

Michael Bernstein, Desney Tan, Greg Smith, Mary Czerwinski, Eric Horvitz

Proceedings of ACM UIST 2009, October 2009


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