PV 2009

May. 11-12, 2009

PV 2009 Registration

How do I register?

Prof. Ming-Ting Sun (Univ. of Washington) and Mr. Eric Sun (Stanford University) have graciously agreed to provide registration service for PV 2009. Please register online using major credit card (Visa/Master/American Express/Discover) through this link. You will be transferred to a Stanford University website (setup by Eric Sun, our finance co-chair) to complete the registration. The online (earlier) registration deadline is Apr. 26, 2009. After that, you will have to register onsite. We will only be able accept CASH payment for onsite registration. We will not be able to accept check or credit card payment onsite.

When registering, please provide the affiliation, the country of residence, paper ID, capacity of your service (author/TPC/organization committee/steering committee), and any special meal request in the single one line provided on the registration page. This line contains the only information that is transmitted to us, to print your badge, verify that you qualify for Full-Author rate, and make proper meal arrangement.  

Please make sure that you click the "Pay Now" button only once.

Apr. 26, 2009: online registration has closed. If you would still like to participate in PV 2009, please register onsite (CASH only).

What is the early bird deadline?

April 26th is the deadline for early registration. Note that the hotel reservation deadline (April 17th) is earlier than this.

PV 2009 Conference Early Registration Fees (through April 26)

Full Registration: Author/TPC/Committee Member 400 USD
Full Registration: Non Author 500 USD
Student Registration 200 USD

PV 2009 Conference Onsite Registration Fees (May. 10-12, at Conference Venue, CASH only, no Check/Credit Card)

Full Registration: Author/TPC/Committee Member 500 USD
Full Registration: Non Author 600 USD
Student Registration 300 USD

Which registration category I should use?

Any student may register at Student Registration rate (you do not need to be an author to qualify for the student registration rate). Please show an active student ID when you pick up your registration material.

Anyone who has involved in PV 2009 (either has submitted a paper, has reviewed paper, or has involved in PV 2009 organization in any capacity) may register at Full-Author rate. Please provide a remark (either your paper ID, or your service capacity to PV 2009 as a TPC or committee member) in the provided text area to qualify for the Full-Author rate.

A person who is neither a student nor involved in PV 2009 will need to register at Full Non-Author rate.

An accepted PV 2009 paper will need to be covered by at least one registration before Apr. 26, 2009, which can be either a Student Registration or a Full Author registration. One registration (even the student registration) may cover multiple papers.

What is Included in the Registration?

The student registration fee include: The full registration fee include:

Cancellation/Refund Policy?

All refund requests must be made in writing and received no later than Apr. 26, 2009. Requests received by Apr. 26 will receive a full refund less a processing fee (to be determined later). No refunds will be processed for those cancelling after Apr. 26, 2009.


If you have any question, please contact PV 2009 chair at:

Telephone: +1-425-703-8451
Email: jinl@microsoft.com