PV 2009

May. 11-12, 2009

Confidentiality of the review process

It has been a long-standing practice of the Packet Video workshop to treat all manuscripts submitted for publication as privileged information, similar to that of other professional societies, such as IEEE. Before publication, the manuscript submitted to the Packet Video workshop is provided to the reviewer solely to assess the quality of the submission for publication. Hence, sharing of the contents of the manuscript for informational purposes outside or even within the reviewer’s organization is strictly prohibited. In the event that the designated reviewer is unable or unwilling to review the submission, the designee may pass on the manuscript, for review only, to a professional colleague. A corollary to privacy of manuscripts is the privacy of reviews themselves. Reviews also are confidential communications provided to the author(s) for the sole reason of giving feedback regarding technical and other publishing aspects of the manuscript. Hence, sharing of these reviews is also an inappropriate use of information. Please note that members of the TPC committees are also required not to share either the manuscript or the reviews with anyone except with individuals involved.