PV 2009

May. 11-12, 2009

Special Sessions of Packet Video 2009

Congestion Control and FEC for Media Transport

Media traffic particularly video is becoming the dominant traffic type for the Internet. There are two dominant transport layer trends for media delivery over the Internet: (1) Using TCP or TCP-friendly transport layers (e.g., TFRC) for media download and/or streaming. (2) Using custom P2P solutions (e.g., BitTorrent) that are typically used for media download and that define their own rate/congestion control mechanisms over UDP. Accordingly, the special session aims at providing a more focused session with papers that (i) analyze the congestion problems that might be incurred by the TCP and P2P traffic and the impact of such congestion over the real-time or near-real-time media flows in terms of media quality, (ii) investigate the appropriateness of TCP-friendly transport layer designs for media flows under realistic networking scenarios, and/or (iii) analyze the effectiveness of FEC-based solutions in increasing the reliability and QoS for media flows against network congestion while maintaining network stability.

We particularly welcome submissions that cover one or more of the following themes:

Session Organizers: Ulas C. Kozat DoCoMo USA Labs
  Ali C. Begen Cisco

Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming

While the server-client model has been a successful architecture for many Internet applications, it does not scale with the number of clients. Recently, Peer-to-peer (P2P) systems have emerged as a scalable platform for large scale data distribution on the Internet. Despite huge successes of P2P systems in the arena of file sharing, the inherent dynamic of peers joining and departing pose serious challenges for smooth delivery of time-sensitive data such as videos. Therefore, many solutions have been proposed recently, ranging from network topology and protocol designs to specialized source and channel coding techniques for maintaining high quality video streams in the presence of peer dynamics. This special session on P2P video streaming aims to disseminate the latest findings that help pave the way toward building scalable P2P platforms for high-quality video streaming applications.

We welcome the submissions in the following areas:

Note: The authors of the papers in this special session will be invited to submit the extended versions of their papers to the special issue of the International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication (IJAMC) on "High-Quality Multimedia Streaming in P2P Environments" by April 1. More information about the special issue can be found here .

Session Organizers: Thinh Nguyen Oregon State University
  Mohamed M. Hefeeda Simon Fraser University

Important dates

Paper submission (full paper, 10 pages, double columns)Dec. 21, 2008, 23:59:00 PST (Firm)
Notification of acceptanceFeb. 28, 2009
Camera-ready submissionApr. 12, 2009
Hotel reservation cut off date Apr. 17, 2009
Earlier registration deadlineApr. 26, 2009

Special Session Chair:

Thinh Nguyen (Oregon State University)