PV 2009

May. 11-12, 2009

PV 2009 Banquet (Full Registration Only)

The PV 2009 banquet will be held at the revolutionary SkyCity restaurant on top of Space Needle, a Seattle landmark. The entire restaurant moves 360 degrees allowing you to take in each course of the city as you take in each delicious course of your meal. The elevator ride and O Deck is icing on the cake.

Skycity Restaurant

Dress Code

SkyCity restaurant enforces the following dress code policy: Casual attire is permitted at all times. Clothing must be neat, presentable and appropriate for a family environment. Tank tops or muscle-t's for men are not acceptable.


From the conference venue at Fairmont Olympic Hotel, you can:


The Space Needle is in the heart of the city. Just walk along the 4th Ave towards the tower. You can't miss it. The whole walk is 1.12 miles (1.8km)

Ride a monorail

Monorail picture

You can ride a monorail to the space needle. Please walk 3 blocks along 4th Ave to the Westlake center at the intersection of Pine St. There, you can catch a monorail at the top floor of Westlake center. The monorail departs every 10 minutes from 9:00am-11:00pm. The trip takes 2 minutes to travel the 1 mile route, and costs $2 each way.


Please drive along 4th Ave towards the Space Needle. Located at the base of the Space Needle's, there is a valet parking service. Please validate your parking ticket at the SkyCity Restaurant. The price is:

First 4 hours: $8.00
After 4 hours: $16.00