ACM SIGPLAN 2006 Conference on
Programming Language Design and Implementation

PLDI 2006 Posters

Inferring Control Flow Behavior of Information Flow in DirectFlow, Chuan-kai Lin, Andrew Black

MetriQ: Querying Code for Refactoring Opportunities, Navjot Singh, Eric Wohlstadter

PDL: a Program Description Language, Clint Morgan, Eric Wohlstadter

Supporting Dynamic Programming on Very Small Devices, Erik Corry, Lars Bak

Breakthroughs in the Automatic Threading of Sequential Applications, Guilherme Ottoni, David I. August, et al.

BitC: A Safe Systems Programming Language, Swaroop Sridhar, Jonathan S. Shapiro

Lagniappe: A Domain-Specific Programming Environment, Taylor L. Riché, Greg Lavender

Type Safety of Equation-Based Object-Oriented Modeling Languages, David Broman, Peter Fritzson

Learning Interactions Between Transformations in an Adaptive Compiler, Yi Guo, Keith Cooper

Ginseng: A System for Dynamic Software Updating, Iulian Neamtiu, Michael Hicks

A Compiler Perspective on Training Input Characterization, Paul Berube, Jose Nelson Amaral

Adaptive Compilation Insights into Compiler Implementation, Jeff Sandoval, Keith Cooper

Aspen: A Language and Runtime for I/O-Intensive Applications, Gautam Upadhyaya, Vijay Pai 

Finding a Unified Algorithm to Minimize Address-Computation Overhead, Johnny Huynh, Jose Nelson Amaral

More Efficient Runtime Monitors Through Static Analysis, Eric Bodden, Laurie Hendren

JTL - The Java Tools Language, Itay Maman, Yossi Gil