Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 2006

Author and reviewer instruction page

Last modified Feb 4, 2007


NIPS 2007 Call for Papers now available at the NIPS 2007 author and reviewer website. The deadline is June 8, 2007. Daphne Koller and Yoram Singer are the program chairs.


Welcome to the web page for authors of  NIPS 2006 papers. Information on how to get your papers published in the printed proceedings are now available. Detailed formatting instructions are also available. And if you haven’t filled out the author agreement form, please print it out, sign it, and FAX it to Elisa Bellini, Google Switzerland, Tel. 0041 44 668 1737, Fax 0041 43 430 2352.


Supplementary Material:

Please note that we are not publishing your supplementary material on the NIPS electronic proceedings web site: the web site will reflect the NIPS printed conference proceedings. You can post any supplementary material on your own web site.


NIPS style files:

We need non-anonymous papers for the final camera-ready papers. You can include authors in your NIPS paper by using the following style files:


Style files for creating camera-ready papers:

nips06.sty --- style file for LaTeX 2e (preferred)

nips06_09.sty --- style file for LaTeX 2.09 (obsolete, less preferred)

nips2006.tex --- LaTeX shell for writing NIPS paper --- postscript output of LaTeX (after running dvips)

nips2006.pdf --- pdf output of pdflatex

nips2006.rtf --- Word template



Correct BibTeX citation for conference:

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editor = {B. Sch\”{o}lkopf and J.C. Platt and T. Hofmann},

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Questions? Comments? Please send email to nips2006 AT (non-standard form used to prevent spam)


--- Bernhard Schölkopf, General Chair

--- John Platt, Program Chair

--- Thomas Hofmann, Publication Chair