Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, July 8-9, 2015
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Catch up on what you missed

Missed the live broadcast from the Faculty Summit? No problem, you can catch it all on demand now—including recordings of the sessions only seen at the event. Hear about the revolution against “Big Brother” social networks, listen in as a panel of experts discusses the state of artificial intelligence, and learn about the latest innovations and computer science research at Microsoft. Also included are exclusive Research in Focus interviews where you’ll hear from leading researchers in computational rationality, AI and robotics, programming models, and big data.

Tomorrow’s innovation in computing will be invisible.

Artificial intelligence

We are in a new era of AI. With advances in machine learning and computational speed, AI is at our doorstep. Intelligent agents like language translators and autonomous drones are just the beginning. Explore how AI might change our lives for the better.


It’s ubiquitous—from maintaining global games in the cloud to defining privacy of tiny sensors in the home, software powers everything. Learn about the latest research on making software smaller, safer, faster and easier to use.


From health and fitness to entertainment and productivity, breakthrough gadgets promise to change the way we work and play. So put on your virtual reality headgear and check your wristband health monitor, as we take a look at the burgeoning world of devices.

Computing in society

Technology may be morally neutral, but computer scientists aren’t. We have the tools to stop epidemics before they begin, give mobility to those with disabilities, and unclog LA’s freeways. See how computing is helping to solve some of society’s most vexing problems.

"We’re on the cusp of a world where technology is increasingly pervasive, but is also increasingly invisible." –Harry Shum