The 2nd EuroSys Doctoral Workshop

organized by the European Chapter of ACM SIGOPS
Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
Glasgow, Scotland



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This full-day doctoral workshop, held on the day before the main EuroSys 2008 programme, will provide a forum for students to present their PhD work and receive constructive feedback and general advice from experts in the field as well as peers. Invited speakers and panel discussions will address common challenges and general advice for PhD students.

To ensure a productive, discussion-oriented environment, attendance will be limited to about 30 participants. We anticipate most participants to be current PhD students who have selected a clear research topic, but who are still early in their research process. Research topics of interest include "systems" work in the broadest sense, including work on formal foundations, as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of real systems.

Each potential participant should submit a short, 2-page PhD proposal and a letter of recommendation from his or her advisor. The PhD proposal should motivate the main research challenge being addressed; state the new approach being taken to solve the challenge, and a research plan for testing the thesis. All proposals will be reviewed and receive comments. In addition, a selection of proposals will be chosen for presentation and will receive feedback from a panel of experts during the workshop.

The workshop is generously sponsored by EuroSys. Registration will be free of charge. Students are also encouraged to apply for EuroSys student travel grants.

Important Dates

Submissions due: 7 December 2007 Wednesday, December 12th.
Acceptance notification: 20 January 2008
Workshop: 1 April 2008

Submission Instructions

Potential participants should submit a PhD proposal and letter of recommendation by e-mail to by midnight PST December 7th, 2007. Proposals should be submitted as a PDF file, in 2-column, single-spaced, 10pt format, and should be no longer than 2 pages (including title, references, figures and all other content).



9:15-10:00Steve Hand, "Doing Systems Research" [PDF]


10:30-12:00Proposal Presentations, 10min per talk

  • Benoit Claudel, “Rethinking Isolation Abstractions”
  • Stephen Kell, “System Support for Adaptation and Composition of Applications”
  • Christos Efyhmios Kotselidis, “Exploiting Distributed Software Transactional Memory”
  • Derek Murray, “Spread Spectrum Computation”


1:00-2:30Proposal Presentations, 10min per talk

  • Simon Peter, “Operating System Design for Concurrent Languages and Heterogeneous Hardware”
  • Fernando Ramos, “Design of a GMPLS system for provisioning optical core and access networks for Multicast TV”
  • Marco Serafini, “Trust Characterization for Dependable Distributed Systems”
  • Qin Yin, “Declarative Resource Management for Network Systems”

2:30-4:00Poster Session

  • Aisha Elsafty, “Programming for Heterogeneous Networks”
  • Antti Kantee, “Systems for the Real World”
  • Corentin Mehat, “Toward a light-middleware for mobile devices”
  • Dan Dobre, “Efficient Asynchronous Agreement Protocols”
  • Horst Schirmeier, “Automated Tailoring of Infrastructure Software Product Lines”
  • Janne Lindqvist, “System-Wide Privacy Protection for Mobile Computers”
  • Javier Lopez, “New Approaches for Modeling High Speed Network Traffic Analysis Systems: Performance Evaluation”
  • Lei Sun, “A Kernel Data Structure-Based Monitoring Infrastructure”
  • Marcelo Fernandez, “Using Models of Complex Coherent Action to Achieve Autonomic Computing Characteristics”
  • Peter Bokor, “Semantic Property Preserving Abstractions for Automated Verification of Fault-Tolerance”
  • Predrag Rakic, [OS APIs for concurrent programming in wireless sensor networks]
  • See-Hwan Yoo, “VMM for Mobile Phones”
  • Torvald Riegel, “Practical Software Transactional Memory”

4:00-5:00Panel discussion


Invited participants should register for the workshop via the Eurosys Registration page. Participants must register for the conference before signing up for workshops. The Doctoral workshop is held free of charge.


The meeting is being organised by the ACM SIGOPS European Chapter as part of their work on promoting systems research in Europe.

The organising committee for the meeting comprises both academic and industrial researchers who have published work at the main systems conferences and journals, with representation across different subject areas and countries.

Committee members

Simon Dobson, University College Dublin
Tim Harris, Microsoft Research, UK
Emre Kıcıman, Microsoft Research, Redmond (workshop chair)
Gilles Muller, Ecole des Mines de Nantes
Rodrigo Rodrigues, INESC-ID and Technical University of Lisbon
Mema Roussopoulos, Institute of Computer Science, FORTH
Neeraj Suri, TU Darmstadt

Sponsor:Microsoft Research


Contact Emre Kıcıman with any questions.