ASPLOS XIII, March 1-5, Seattle, WA
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Thirteenth International Conference on
Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems
(ASPLOS '08)

Paper Submission Instructions

Double-blind submission:
Paper submission is double-blind. Please be careful not to reveal the identity of any author. Use only the third person when referring to your prior work. For example, "We build on the prior work by Jones and Smith [JS 2003]."

Paper format:
Your paper may be at most 10 pages using the standard final ACM conference format (2 columns with 9 pt Times Roman font, etc.). Please use the Latex and Word templates from ACM's proceedings page (

Papers that exceed 10 pages will be summarily rejected by the program chair.

Abstract Deadline:    August 1, 2007 (11pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time)
Full Paper Deadline: August 7, 2007 (11pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time)

Rebuttal Period:                      October 11-12, 2007
Notification of Acceptance:    November 1, 2007
Final Paper Submission:        December 31 2007

Guidelines on conflict of interest:
When you submit your work, you will be asked to create a list of people with whom you have a conflict-of-interest. For this purpose, we are defining a conflict of interest as:

* Your Ph.D. advisor and Ph.D. students forever.
* Family relations by blood or marriage forever.
* People with whom you collaborated in the past five years.
* Collaborators, include co-authors on an accepted/rejected/pending research paper, co-PIs on an accepted/rejected/pending grant, those who fund of your research, and researchers who you fund. "Service" collaborations, such as writing CSTB report or serving on a program committee, are not a conflict-of-interest by themselves.
* People who were employed or a student your primary institution(s) in the past five years.
* Others with whom you believe a conflict of interest exists (check with the general or program chair if you have a question or doubt).

Free advice:
Armando Fox has a web page that collects much good advice about writing a good systems paper:

The submission website:

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