Summer School in Software Engineering and Verification

Local information

The School will be conducted in and outside of Moscow. There are three relevant locations to keep in mind, all shown on the map below. You might find it helpful to consult other mapping services such as Yandex Maps while planning your trip.

  1. Classes will be conducted at the Microsoft Russia office in Moscow located at Krylatskaya street, 17, Moscow. This office is part of the Krylatskie Hills business park, which houses Microsoft, Intel, and a number of other large companies.
  2. School participants and lectures have the option to live at HSE dormitories (Dubki) located just outside of Moscow, at the following address: Denisa Davydova street, 1, Vniissok.
  3. Banquet dinners on July 20th and 26th will be held in the city center, at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) at Pokrovsky boulevard, 11, Moscow.

School locations on a map

Below is a map of Moscow and the vicinity. Moscow city is oranized in rings, with the outside ring -- MKAD -- separating Moscow city from the Moscow region. The Microsoft office is inside the MKAD ring, the HSE dorms (Dubki) are slightly outside.

View SSSEV 2011 Locations on a larger map

Public transportation

  • How to get to Microsoft office by public transport

    Get the underground and go to Krylatskoye station, get off the first carriage of the train (if you go from the city centre), turn right after the glass doors, go through the pedestrian subway, then turn right again and go up the stairs. Then take a shuttle bus with the logotype Krylatsky hills that stops 10-12 meters from the underground way out. The shuttle bus route is Krylatskoye metro station -- Krylatskie Hills business park. The estimated route time is 10 minutes, but you should allow for up to 30 minutes in the morning. Shuttle buses go from 8am to 8pm every workday. They arrive directly to the entrance to the business centre. Microsoft reception is located on the ground floor on the left of the entrance.

  • How to get to the social event on July 17 by public transport

    The event will held be in the Troitskoe recreation zone to the north of Moscow. Get the underground and go to Altufievo metro station, get off the first carriage of the train (if you go from the city centre), turn left after the glass doors, then left again and, finally, turn right. Cross the road and wait at the bus stop near the “Perekrestok” shop. The bus number is 302, departing at:

    7:05, 7:45, 8:20, 9:05, 9:50, 11:10, 13:20, 14:40, 16:00, 17:30, 18:50, 19:30, 20:10, 21:00

    Get off at the final stop and go back along the storage reservoir (it should be to your right) until you see the security check point.

  • How to get to the dorm by public transport

    Take a local train at Kuntsevo (near Kuntsevskaya metro station) or at Moskva Smolenskaya (near Belorusskaya metro station) to Odintsovo railroad platform. There you will see a bus with an HSE logo which runs approximately twice an hour (from 07:00 till 00:30). It will bring you straight to the Dubki dormitory.

    Warning: Even though there is a platform Pionerskaya nearer to the dorm so you might go by foot, you are strongly recommended not to use it for safety reasons.

    Here are some links to train schedules for local trains between Odintsovo and Kuntsevo or Moskva Smolenskaya respectively:

    July 17 n n n n
    July 18 n n n n
    July 19 n n n n
    July 20 n n n n
    July 21 n n n n
    July 22 n n n n
    July 23 n n n n
    July 24 n n n n
    July 25 n n n n
    July 26 n n n n
    July 27 n n n n

  • Also see this map of the Moscow metro.

Car directions

Below are Google Maps directions if you are traveling by car. You are advised to consult other local mapping services such as Yandex Maps while planning your trip.

Taxi information for Moscow

Below is information about just some taxi companies that should have Engish-speaking operators. Please keep in mind that Moscow is a very big city, to travel might take considerable time and other taxi companies might offer more attractice prices.

  • New Yellow Taxi
    • Booking telephone line: +7(495)940-8888
    • Price estimates: Airport <--> Dubki ~ 2200 RUR; Dubki <--> MS ~ 1200 RUR; Dubki <--> Metro Kuntsevskaya ~ 800 RUR
  • Moscow-taxi
    • Booking telephone line: +7 499 995 0 654
    • Orders by email:; Connect with them via Skype:
    • Price estimates: Dubki <--> Airport ~ 2040 RUR; Dubki <--> Metro ~ 1440 RUR; Dubki <--> MS ~ 1140 RUR

Dorm photos

Here are some photos of the HSE dorms to give you a sense of the accomodations. Please see this Flickr set for more.