Whiteboard Scanning

Get a High-res Scan with an Inexpensive Camera

Zhengyou Zhang, Li-wei He


Microsoft Research


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  • Document (in pdf) (whitepaper, a very preliminary version)
  • Examples: 1 and 2

About the System


A whiteboard provides a large shared space for collaboration. In order to capture the contents with readability, a high-res camera is required. If one only has an inexpensive camera such as a laptop/tablet built-in camera or a web cam, she can use the Whiteboard Scanning system described in this paper. It captures either a set of snapshots with overlap or a continuous video sequence, and then stitches them automatically into a single high-res image. The stitched image can finally be exported to our Whiteboard It! system for further enhancement.




Example 1

The three images were taken by a digital still camera (original resolution 1600x1400):
(The images in this example were provided by Shawn Villaron, Lead PM in Meeting Services)

Automatically stitched image:

Image processed by Whiteboard It!:

Click here for the processed image in its full resolution.

Example 2

The six images were taken with a PC camera:

(Please ignore the red dots. They are detected automatically and used internally by the program for stitching.)

Automatically stitched image:

Image processed by Whiteboard It!:

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