A Whiteboard and Audio Meeting Capture System

Li-wei He, Zicheng Liu, Zhengyou Zhang


Microsoft Research


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About the System


This recently developed system is designed to capture both whiteboard content and audio signals of a meeting using a digital still camera and a microphone. Our system can be retrofit to any existing whiteboard. It computes the time stamps of pen strokes on the whiteboard by analyzing the sequence of captured snapshots. It also automatically produces a set of key frames representing all the written content on the whiteboard before each erasure. Therefore the whiteboard content serves as a visual index to efficiently browse the audio meeting. It is a complete system which not only captures the whiteboard content, but also helps the users to view and manage the captured meeting content efficiently and securely.






If you have access to MSR internal website, click here to install the whiteboard viewer.

Last Updated 05/16/02