Sergey Yekhanin: Publications 


            "Maximally recoverable codes for grid-like topologies"


            "New constructions of MR and SD codes over small finite fields"


            "Kolmogorov width of discrete linear spaces: an approach to matrix rigidity"


            "Codes with local decoding procedures"


            "Explicit maximally recoverable codes with locality"


            "On the locality of codeword symbols in non-linear codes"


            "Extending memory lifetime by reviving dead blocks"


            "Erasure coding in Windows Azure Storage"


            "A note on the Newton radius"


            "On the locality of codeword symbols"


            "Noisy interpolation of sparse polynomials, and applications"


            "Locally decodable codes: a brief survey"


            "High-rate codes with sublinear-time decoding"


            "Locally decodable codes"


            "Private information retrieval"


            "Sets with large additive energy and symmetric sets"


            "Matching vector codes"


            "Pan-private streaming algorithms"


            "Deterministic approximation algorithms for the nearest codeword problem"


            "New efficient attacks on statistical disclosure control mechanisms"


            "Detecting rational points on hypersurfaces over finite fields"


            "Locally decodable codes and private information retrieval schemes"


            "Locally decodable codes from nice subsets of finite fields and prime factors of Mersenne numbers"


            "Towards 3-query locally decodable codes of subexponential length"

              (Under the title: "New Locally Decodable Codes and Private Information Retrieval Schemes")   


            "An Ω(n^{1/3}) lower bound for bilinear group based private information retrieval"


            "Non-adaptive fault diagnosis for all-optical networks via combinatorial group testing on graphs"


            "On the hardness of matrix completion"


            "A geometric approach to information theoretic private information retrieval"


            "A note on plane pointless curves"


            "Long nonbinary codes exceeding the Gilbert - Varshamov bound for any fixed distance"


            "Improved upper bound for the redundancy of fix-free codes"


            "Secure biometrics via syndromes"


            "On application of the partition distance concept to a comparative analysis of psychological or sociological tests"


            "Trivial two-stage group testing for complexes using almost disjunct matrices"


            "Upper bound on the rate of superimposed (s,l) codes based on Engel's inequality"


            "Sufficient conditions of existence of fix-free codes"


            "Cover-free families and superimposed codes: constructions, bounds and applications to cryptography and group testing"


            "New results in the theory of superimposed codes"


            "Evaluation of estimates for standard learning information in pattern recognition problems"


            "Some new constructions of optimal superimposed designs"





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