Workshop on Online Social Networks
    Participation by invitation only


Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK.

December 7, 2007.




Social Mobility



Jon Crowcroft         (University of Cambridge)





Social Networks and Mobility are only just starting to be combined. Two boring ways to do this are: i) offering social network access on mobile device (merely a matter of coping with reduced network capacity and screen real estate, and somewhat different interaction paradigms); ii) making location services that are somewhat socially aware (what used to be called "contextual computing").

Studies of human mobility patterns reveal that one can extract rich social structural information directly from contact (co-location) distributions. In this talk, I will briefly describe ongoing work at Thomson Labs to combine the so-called traditional (legacy) social network structures (friends of friends on facebook or linkedin etc) with new mobility information (contact of contact in bluetooth or wifi encounters).

Two uses of the combined information: a) expanding and subtly altering one's social net (allowing for the somewhat different nature of static references in online communities, from face-to-face encounters in Real Life); using the social network (a priori, and learned, contacts and interests and tags) for efficient dissemination of information in wireless ad hoc communities.

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