Workshop on Online Social Networks
    Participation by invitation only


Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK.

December 7, 2007.



Experiences and lessons from a popular social networking application.



Toby Beresford     





Facebook is a new media platform . Behind the hype of massive user growth and data privacy concerns - there's some significant technology behind Facebook that is trail blazing a new way for us to interact via the internet.


A. Facebook Application lets users post profiles of their real selves, build a network of real world friends and share content.

B. Facebook Platform provides ways for software developers to launch applications that previously took months in days.

C. Facebook News Feed finally starts to solve the information overload problem in a relaxed and interesting way.


British companies and charities that have banned Facebook usage at work see network traffic halve overnight. But individual users recognise good technology when they see it and hence the British love affair with Facebook may not be over any time soon.  This talk starts to explain why.


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