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Sumit Gulwani's Biography

Sumit Gulwani is a principal researcher at Microsoft Research, and an adjunct faculty in the Computer Science Department at IIT Kanpur. He has expertise in formal methods and automated program analysis and synthesis techniques. As part of his vision to empower masses, he has recently focused on cross-disciplinary areas of automating end-user programming (for systems like spreadsheets, smartphones, and robots), and building intelligent tutoring systems (for various subject domains including programming, math, logic, and automata). Sumit's programming-by-example work led to the famous Flash Fill feature of Microsoft Excel 2013 that is used by hundreds of millions of people. Sumit is a recipient of the ACM SIGPLAN Robin Milner Young Researcher Award. Sumit obtained his PhD in Computer Science from UC-Berkeley in 2005, and was awarded the ACM SIGPLAN Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award. He obtained his BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 2000, and was awarded the President's Gold Medal.