Sumit Gulwani
Primary Affiliation: Research Manager & Principal Researcher @ Microsoft, Redmond
Other Affiliations: Adjunct Faculty @ IIT Kanpur
                                Affiliate Faculty @ Univ. of Washington

Address: One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA, 98052
Email: sumitg at microsoft dot com
Phone: (425) 706-7709
Fax: (425) 936 7329 (attn: sumitg)

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I currently lead a research & engineering group at Microsoft that develops programming-by-example technologies for data wrangling. These technologies power various features in several Microsoft products. If you are excited about doing research in the cross-disciplinary area of program synthesis, productizing that research, and be part of a team of incredible researchers and engineers, please ping me.

I am also interested in building intelligent tutoring systems (which support activities such as automated problem generation and feedback generation) for various K-14 subject domains including math, programming, and language learning. I mentor several undergraduate and graduate students. If you are looking for disruptive project ideas related to intelligent tutoring systems or automating end-user programming (and are excited about the potential to positively impacting lives of billions of people on the planet!), please send me email.

I obtained my Phd in Computer Science from UC-Berkeley in 2005, and my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 2000.

Research Highlights Distraction: Invited Talk on Biological Synthesis (ppt) given at RiSE research group meeting. A recommended read for PL researchers wanting to be first-time parents.

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