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I am a researcher in the Networking Research Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond. Before coming to MSR, I spent three years writing papers, teaching, and advising students, which is pretty much what the job of an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto is. Before that, I spent four months at measuring their workload and participating in the early stages of the design of their new shopping cart service (aka Dynamo). I finished my Ph.D. in 2004 at the University of Washington where I worked with Steve Gribble and Hank Levy.


My research interests lie in the experimental aspects of networked systems and computer security. Currently, I am involved in the following three research projects:

1. Designing and implementing systems that enable mass communication leveraging social networks. We are designing Lockr -- an access control scheme for sharing personal content on Web 2.0 sites (WebSite, wosn-08, sosp-wip-07). Previously, we demonstrated how mobile systems can drastically improve their performance when they incorporate social information in their designs (ubicomp-07).

2. Making the Internet more secure. We designed and implemented Bunker, a network tracing system that addresses user privacy is a novel manner. We implemented and deployed iTrustPage, a user-assisted anti-phishing FireFox add-on with over 20,000 downloads. We characterized the spread of computer worms in a Bluetooth environment (worm-06). We presented the design of SpySaver, a novel anti-spyware approach that reduces the incentive to deploy spyware.

3. Characterizing emerging network environments. We designed and implemented BlueMonarch, a system for evaluating Bluetooth applications in the wild. In collaboration with the group from MPI-SWS, we implemented SatelliteLab, a networking testbed that includes nodes from a diverse set of edge nodes. We also implemented Monarch, a novel tool for emulating transport protocols over the Internet. Using Monarch, we performed the first large-scale study of broadband access links.

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