Shuo’s Ping-Pong Page

Current USATT Rating: 1846   (an average tournament player at the “advanced” level)
                           Visit USATT Ratings page, type my last name “chen”, and click “Go”. This is my record in the system: 73128 Chen, Shuo 1846  WA  11/5/2006
Style: Right-hand Penholder
Forehand Rubber: Inverted
Backhand Rubber: Long Pip
Strength: (1) Quick response; (2) Disguising UP/DOWN spin serves; (3) Precision in attacking large angles
Weakness: So you are really interested in finding out my weakness. Why not join the Microsoft pingpong ladder at http://ladder (for Microsoft employees only)?

o   Third place in 2004 Microsoft Asian Cup Table Tennis Tournament. More than 100 men’s single players registered. See the trophy on the background?
o   Bronze medal (third place) in 1998 Tsinghua University Graduate Student Ping Pong Tournament (Men’s single). Unlike Ara Abrahamian, I was very happy about the bronze medal.
o   Member of Computer Science Team, won the third place in Peking University Ping Pong Team Tournament, 1994.
o   Champion of Fuzhou No. 3 Middle School, 1992.