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My primary area of expertise is Attention Management in multitasking environments. With the widespread popularity of many proactive devices and applications, users have to continuously switch their attention among many competing forces. Ensuring effective attention switching presents a significant challenge for technology proponents and developers. Part of the problem is that there is lack of understanding of when and how to initiate attentional switches.
My work focuses on understanding how demands on user attention manifest, developing theories, policies and technology to address effective attention management, and evaluating proposed solutions to not only understand their effective but also to provide directions for future research.

Current Projects

driving simulator Effective attention distribution in driving environments
With Eric Horvitz and Y.C. Ju
meeting  Managing attention during lectures and presentations
With Jonathan Grudin and Eric Horvitz
mobile Managing tasks across mobile and stationary devices
With Amy Karlson, Brian Meyers and John Tang
notifications Notification management, recovery and resumption
With Eric Horvitz